Prayer for the Carmelite Way of Life

Tender-hearted God, through Saint Albert of Jerusalem you assembled the holy hermits of Mount of Carmel as a family of pilgrim people, seeking to live in allegiance to Jesus Christ.
Like them, inspire us to imitate the first Christians of Jerusalem, that we may build your kingdom, the heavenly Jerusalem.
Like them, turn our hearts from conflict with others to the spiritual fight against all that distracts us from you.
Like them, help us to draw water from the spring of Elijah, and to live deeply our baptismal calling.
With Mary, we commit to standing alongside those who are suffering.
Help us to find you alone in the cell of our hearts, and lead us through solitude into community.
Let our prayer inspire our service of others, and our service show us our need for prayer.
May our silent contemplation bear fruit, and proclaim that God lives in whose presence we stand. Use our spirit of poverty, chastity, and obedience to be Good News for others.
We thank you for sustaining, reforming and transforming us over centuries, for the benefit of the Church and the world.
We thank you for the saints, those living and those one before, who have shown us an ancient path to the Mountain that is Christ. May all we do be done in your Word.

This we ask, in Jesus' name. Amen.


By From Dolgellau Carmel.

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