The Promises.

Committing our lives to God through the promise “to live in the spirit of the Evangelical Counsels and the Beatitudes” doesn’t add anything to our baptism – it’s the way to live them fully

The Origins of Carmel

The first Carmelites were laymen, probably Crusaders and pilgrims. They found a deeper way of fighting for Christ, an interior way of seeking the Holy Place. Like many lay people of their day they wanted a committed following of Christ characterised by simplicity, poverty and community. They wanted to live close to Christ, imitating his life and the life of the earliest Christians, where poverty was expressed primarily through holding all things in common.

Reading, Silence, Inner Solitude and Recollection

Spiritual reading is not like ordinary reading. There’s no skimming& skipping, picking-out interesting bits & leaving the rest, reading the end or middle first before we even begin. Spiritual reading asks us to slow down, to chew over the words and brood on them. 

The Primitive Rule of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel

The Primitive Rule of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel given by St. Albert, Patriarch of Jerusalem and corrected, emended and confirmed by Pope Innocent IV. This Rule is one of only four in the Church. It is deeply biblical and close to the Rule of St Augustine in its inspiration from the early Church in Acts. The Rule combines this communal life of brotherly love with the imitation of the solitary prayer of Jesus.

Living the Beatitudes

 Being committed to living the Beatitudes is being committed to an interior imitation of Christ.


Elijah is a model of Carmelite life as prophetic-contemplative-apostolic.

Desert Spirituality

The desert is a place where God is met & speaks to us and a place of struggle with all the things that prevent our surrender to God in love

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