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Carmelite Nuns in Great Britain

There are 11 Carmelite Monasteries in England, 3 in Scotland and 1 in Wales. Over 200 nuns live in these 15 Carmels. Within the Carmelite Family, the nuns have a particular vocation to dedicate their lives entirely to prayer.

Questions for Reading for Community Group Meetings

Carmelite Priory, Oxford

A small community of Discalced (Teresian) Carmelite friars who focus on prayer and retreat ministry following the teaching of Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross. 

St Elizabeth of the Trinity Secular Discalced Carmelites Community Meetings Poster

Download a poster to advertise our monthly Saturday meetings in Nottingham

Carmelite Reading Group Poster

Down load our poster to print and put up in your parish.  Reading groups meet in Bulwell and Beeston.

Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites: Great Britain

The website for Secular Order Discalced Carmelites living in the England, Wales and Scotland.

Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland

The Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland (CIBI) is a collaborative initiative of the British and Irish Provinces of Carmelites and the Anglo-Irish Province of Discalced Carmelites. CIBI was founded in November 2005 and provides teaching and diploma courses.

Diocese of Nottingham

Our Catholic Diocese.